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Two-Day 16 Hr. California & Multistate CCW

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9 am - 5 pm Saturday
9 am - 5 pm Sunday​
Sale Price $275    (Regularly $375)

This course is approved by most Northern California Sheriff Departments that require up to 16 hours of training, including San Joaquin, Sacramento, Calaveras, Amador, Solano, Alameda, Placer, Nevada Co., and more.

Course is also valid training for issuance of the Arizona non-resident CCW permit, which is available to law-abiding Californians by mail.  The Arizona permit is valid in 31 states and is great for traveling.

Course includes training on our modern Laser Shot Judgmental Training Simulator.  Students will practice real life scenarios.

​Course also includes live-fire training and course fee covers all range fees.  Students need a serviceable handgun, strong-side belt holster, 3 magazines, magazine belt carrier, 200 rounds of ammo, eye and electronic ear protection.  Please also bring a sack lunch as we have a “working” lunch.  

Since 2006, Defensive Accuracy, LLC has trained thousands of students for their CCW permits in Northern California.
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