KW   Defense , Inc.


We do what we can to make your gun buying experience as easy as possible. We are glad to receive your firearms from the internet, Private Parties, Cal Guns or any other points of legal origin.

Check around, Our Fees are competitive, and we are easy to deal with.

California DROS Fee:


Dealer Fees:

  • Private Party Transfers are $10.0 Plus DROS Fee
  • Firearm transfer to our store is $75.0 for the first firearm and $10.0 for each additional firearm in the same transaction.
  • Consignments are held for 30 Days then released to the public. We charge 20%, you set the price, (Kind of like ebay with out the computer)
  • Another Consignment option is to try our in store Consignment Binder. Display photos of your firearms for sale with only a 5% commission for the store. (Another option with less fees)
  • Need Firearms Stored for legal reasons? Our storage fees are 1$ per day per firearm.
  • Taxes: Effective January 1, 2010, if you have not paid the tax on your firearm before it was shipped to our shop, the state of California has mandated that we collect the sales tax and send it to Sacramento.


  • We offer name brand product that have been used and tested by us.  It is our goal to offer the best products at a competitive price.
  • Our commitment to our customers is ample stock.  It is important to us  to have stock on hand to supply your needs.
  • Our firearms and related service is simply the best. Unfortunately, many stores can make you feel uncomfortable by treating you like they know more than you. At KW Defense we are here to help you find exactly what you want with dignity and respect. We give the expert advice to fit your needs. So when you leave, you're leaving with the confidence and the assurance you made the right decision for you.

At KW Defense  we are committed  to offering first rate service for all our customers.

Our Services & fee schedule

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